VL-3 Trip to Sicily

As every year, the VL-3 entousiasts, on JMB Germany’s invitation, make an extended trip, mostly down South. 2019, we flew to Sicily, starting with a notable six-country-flight to Bari (Hungary, Croatia, Serbia, Kosovo, Monte-Negro and finally Italy). Further destinations were various little fields in Sicily, a flight to the impressive Aetna, Stromboli, Salerno (including a car-trip to Capri), Serrestori, Venice and back home.

Abstract Beauty: The Island of Sylt

This is (so far) the only video post that has been shot from a different airplane than my VL-3. I try to keep the service down-times as short as possible. But from time to time, maintenance days are unavoidable. This way, I realized that it can be very good fun to ride along and just observe, as I had the chance to on a flight with Klaus and Marko in their comfortable Cessna P210.