Garmin G3X Tutorial

Glascockpits wie das G3X Touch haben die moderne General Aviation revolutioniert. Oft kann die schiere Masse der Optionen erdrückend wirken. Dieses Tutorial soll die Experimentierfreude wecken…

Hier noch die im Video erwähnte Checklist zum Download (ohne jede Gewähr). Die VL3.ace-Datei einfach auf die oberste Ebene der SD-Karte kopieren. Beim nächsten Einschalten des G3X-Touch erscheint die Option „Checklist“ im Menu. Noch viel besser ist es natürlich, selber eine eigene Checklist mit dem Garmin Checklist Editor zu erstellen.

VL-3 Trip to Sicily

As every year, the VL-3 entousiasts, on JMB Germany’s invitation, make an extended trip, mostly down South. 2019, we flew to Sicily, starting with a notable six-country-flight to Bari (Hungary, Croatia, Serbia, Kosovo, Monte-Negro and finally Italy). Further destinations were various little fields in Sicily, a flight to the impressive Aetna, Stromboli, Salerno (including a car-trip to Capri), Serrestori, Venice and back home.

Abstract Beauty: The Island of Sylt

This is (so far) the only video post that has been shot from a different airplane than my VL-3. I try to keep the service down-times as short as possible. But from time to time, maintenance days are unavoidable. This way, I realized that it can be very good fun to ride along and just observe, as I had the chance to on a flight with Klaus and Marko in their comfortable Cessna P210.